Home Therapy Services

Home Therapy Services

Want to make sure you are able to continue living safely and independently at home? Our experienced therapists work closely with you to address a variety of concerns like maintaining strength, boosting mobility, and performing simple home modifications that can prevent falls. Home Therapy Services can include one of the following:

How do our Home Therapy Services work?


What is In-Home Therapy?

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  • Our in-home therapy services are designed to provide ongoing support after insurance-based services lapse.
  • In-home physical therapy can help gain and maintain strength, balance, and mobility.
  • Occupational therapists can help modify home environments to promote independence.
  • Speech therapists can help with communication and swallowing.

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Understanding In-Home Therapy Services

As the name suggests, in-home therapy services are delivered in a home or residence. At Legacy Home Care, we offer a variety of home therapy options to patients to address problems with mobility, speech, and performing daily activities.

In-home therapy can be covered by insurance, typically right after an illness or injury, and tend to be for short periods of time. Once coverage has lapsed, you may opt to continue with in-home therapy services on an ongoing basis through an agency like Legacy Home Care.

Who Provides In-Home Therapy?

In-home therapy at Legacy Home Care is provided by licensed and experienced therapists in their respective fields.

Many clients find it more beneficial to work with a dedicated therapist on an ongoing basis rather than attempting a home exercise program independently. Having an expert with you on your journey to recovering or building strength, mobility, or balance almost always increases your chances to gain better results.

Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy (PT) can be helpful for:

  • Recovery from planned surgeries like a hip replacement, knee replacement, or spinal fusion
  • Recovery from an injury sustained by falls or accidents
  • Symptom management for severe conditions like muscular dystrophy, strokes, heart disease, etc.
  • Maintaining independence and quality of life through strength and balance

Physical therapy at home helps patients transition seamlessly through the rehabilitation process.

Physical therapy treatments are tailored specifically for you or your loved ones, and can include stretching, muscle strengthening, and improving walking patterns.

Occupational Therapy Services

The goal of Occupational Therapy (OT) is to help you successfully navigate your home environment and continue to do things you enjoy, while maintaining as much independence as possible. OT is “therapy through activity”, helping you complete your daily routine hassle-free.

Our occupational therapists work with you to find adaptive ways to remain independent and safe at home. They assist with things like:

  • Recommending adaptive equipment for in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Identify potential hazards in the home, like rugs that could be easily tripped over
  • Offer techniques for dressing and personal hygiene that can help you continue doing these tasks independently

We can help you continue independent activities such as cooking, dressing, laundry, and other things you enjoyed before an injury or illness.

Speech Therapy Services

Speech Therapy may be necessary for individuals suffering from cognitive difficulties, communication difficulties, or swallowing problems as a result of a traumatic or iatrogenic injury.

Like the other therapy services, speech therapy can be covered by insurance, but typically for a limited time. Oftentimes, recovering from an illness or injury that causes cognitive or swallowing issues can be a slow process. Our licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are available on an ongoing basis to help regain and strengthen your ability to speak, swallow, and eat safely. Treatment might incorporate vocal exercises and others to improve independence and quality of life.

When Should You Hire Home Therapy Services?

Different home therapy services can help improve the wellbeing of individuals with different needs. Here are some scenarios when home therapy services will be helpful:

  • Physical therapy
    • When a patient is rehabilitating from surgeries, such as a spinal fusion, knee replacement, or hip replacement
    • When a patient is recovering from injuries as a result of accidents
    • When a patient needs to manage symptoms of medical conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, or muscular dystrophy
    • When a patient wants to maintain balance and strength to enhance their quality of life and remain independent
  • Occupational therapy
    • When a patient wants to go back to doing things that they enjoy and accomplish daily activities at home, such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, and dressing
  • Speech therapy
    • When a patient has issues related to communication, cognition, or swallowing that are caused by medical conditions

At Legacy Home Care, we understand that some people have concerns about inviting health care professionals into their homes. To alleviate these concerns, we only hire experienced and professional health specialists who are licensed, bonded, and insured.

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