What is Home Care?

What is Home Care?

Home Care Overview

  • Home Care Services are designed to help clients continue to age in place with dignity and independence.
  • Insurance-based home care offers short-term assistance to help recover from an injury or illness, while private-pay home care services offer ongoing in-home care that is highly flexible to meet the family or individual’s needs.
  • Home Care may be the preferred option for families looking for a solution that allows older loved ones to remain in their home.
  • Home Care services through Legacy Home Care offer versatile care plans and compassionate  caregivers who will provide support and assistance to you and your aging family members.
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How do our Home Care Services work?


What Are Home Care Services?

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  • Trained nurses, therapists, and caregivers provide care in the client’s home.
  • Home health aides can assist on an live-in, overnight, or hourly basis – from 3 hours per day up to 24-hour awake care.
  • Private pay home care can be ongoing and offers a wider array of services than short-term, insurance-based home care.
  • Services and packages are customized to meet your individual needs.

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What is Home Care?

Home health care refers to a wide array of health-related services that are provided within the home, including private residences, assisted living, or other senior apartment.

Home care services are designed to help people recover from an illness or injury, or maintain their strength and independence while continuing to live at home.

Home care services can be as extensive or simple as per the client’s need. Some home care services are health related, such as medication management, while others are more of supportive care, like helping with laundry, meals, bathing, and other everyday tasks..

Most commonly, home care services can fall into one of two buckets: insurance-covered home care and private pay home care. While both types of home care services are rendered in the client’s home and provided by skilled clinicians and caregivers, there are some notable differences.

What is the Difference between insurance-based home care & private pay home care?

Insurance-Based Home Care Nursing Homes
– Services are paid for by insurance, such as Medicare or a commercial insurance – Services are paid for out-of-pocket or by Long-Term-Care insurance policy
– Follows strict guidelines to ensure coverage – Few restrictions on scope of services provided
– For Medicare & most insurances, the client must be considered homebound, AND have a skilled need that requires the help of a licensed nurse or therapist – No skilled need or homebound restrictions required
– Flexible package options allows for
customization – can be assistance for a few hours per week up to 24/7 awake care
– Designed to be short-term assistance to help a client recover from an illness or injury – Can be ongoing for as long as the client chooses to continue services

It can beneficial to use a home care agency that has both insurance-covered home health care and private-pay home health care services available for continuity of care. Legacy Home Care provides private-pay home care, while our Home Health Care, Inc service line provides insurance-covered services.

Benefits of Private Pay In-Home Care

Caring for aging loved ones is something almost every family or individual will face at some point in their lives. Questions such as, “Should I put my mom in a nursing home?” and “Can I afford to pay for a health aide for my aging parents?” become more frequent topics of conversation. Alternatively, others may question whether the right choice would be to leave their careers and care for aging loved ones themselves full time. With finances, caregiving skills, and abilities all in question, there are many things to consider as loved ones age. Home caregivers and home care providers help simplify those questions and make it easier for both families and the individuals in question. Loved ones can stay at home while receiving the care and assistance they need with home care.

Some benefits of having an in-home caregiver

  • Peace of Mind: Peace of mind is the first thing clients receive with home care services. Home care gives the family members who previously cared for their aging loved ones additional support and comfort knowing that they are not alone in this endeavor. Everyone deserves love, compassion, and true care, but knowing how to provide it (especially with no professional training) can be a real challenge.
  • One-On-One Care: Seniors will receive the undivided attention of a dedicated home caregiver with home care. This is unlike a nursing home, where the staff has to tend to all clients.
  • Prevent Hospitalizations: By having trained caregivers and licensed clinicians regularly monitoring specific conditions and overall health, our clients avoid preventable hospitalizations when signs and symptoms of an issue are detected early and responded to quickly.
  • Independence with Home Care: Hiring a home caregiver allows clients to retain a level of independence that is otherwise unattainable in a nursing home. Clients can choose how often they want their home care aides to be around, and what things they will assist with.
  • Stay at Home: Home care allows clients to remain in the comfort of their own homes, where they likely feel best. What’s more, these services keep families together. This is especially important for families who may not be able to visit nursing homes so frequently, or for couples.
  • Reduced Risk of Infection: Due to the vulnerable populations they serve and the close proximity in which clients are placed, hospital settings and nursing homes are hotspots for infection and disease. Keeping older family members at home and away from others who might be experiencing symptoms or conditions helps reduce their risk of getting infected.

Home Care with Legacy Home Care

Legacy Home Care has over 26 years of home care experience in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and have expanded their service area to encompass 21 MN counties. With a comprehensive team of home care professionals including therapists, nurses, home health aides, homemakers, and companions, we offer a multitude of home care services for the aging population.

If you are considering hiring a home caregiver, we urge you to take advantage of our free consultations – available at a time that works for you and your loved ones. For any questions and to find out more information, please contact us today.

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