24-Hour Awake Care

24-Hour Awake Care

Nurse Care Management Overview

  • 24-hour Awake Care offers round-the-clock caregiving services, designed for those who need consistent or constant monitoring and assistance throughout both day and night.
  • Having 24-hour awake care can be preferrable to those who want to remain living in the comfort of home, and can be comparable in price to another long-term-care option.
  • Caregivers are placed under rotating shifts to ensure at least one caregiver is always present
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What is In-Home 24-hour Awake Care?

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  • 24-hour awake care is designed for those who need consistent assistance during both day and night.
  • These services are often utilized in tandem with hospice care or for those individuals with progressed Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia.
  • Having an attentive and trained caregiver onsite can provide families the freedom to focus on spending quality time with loved ones.
  • The care and coverage provided is flexible to meet client’s changing needs.

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What is 24-hour Awake Care?

24-hour Awake Care services help to ensure that a caregiver is always present to help your aging loved one address their personal needs and to provide round-the-clock companionship. The service is offered in the senior’s own home, and caregivers work over a series of rotating shifts to ensure that each caregiver has ample rest before providing optimum care for the client. Companionship is essential as it helps to stave off isolation and loneliness which can help improve the moods of aging adults and maintain their overall mental well-being.

Understanding 24-hour Awake Care

Caring for your aging loved one can be a challenging task to take on especially for caregivers who are holding full-time jobs. As the needs of older adults increase as they age, it may become necessary to ensure there is 24-hour specialized care provided for them at home. Currently, you may be taking turns with other family members to attend to the needs of your aging loved one. However, a decline in cognitive or physical functions may require more than just intermittent support from family members. 24-Hour Awake Care is essential to ensure your loved one always has ready access to the care they need.

This service is ideal if your loved one is at risk of injury or can no longer care for themselves due to mental or physical limitations. 24-hour Awake Care is essential for seniors who cannot get proper sleep due to increased agitation or becoming more active at night, which are symptoms of “sundowners syndrome”. The service can serve as a temporary caregiving solution for seniors who have just completed a medical procedure or have just returned from rehab. Some of the services offered under the 24-hour Awake Care program include the following:

  • Personal care
  • Personal hygiene
  • Housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication administration and reminders

When is the Right Time to Engage 24-hour Awake Care Services?

As seniors age, assisted living care may not provide enough supportive services and may not be an ideal choice. As many people would like to remain living in their own home, in-home care services may be the best option and can be more cost effective than other options. Below are some signs to look out for which are an indicator of the senior needing 24-hour Awake Care:

  • Increased signs of bruising that indicate trips or falls
  • Waking up and needing assistance multiple times throughout the night
  • Higher dependence on assistive equipment
  • Wetting the bed or other incontinence circumstances caused by an inability to visit the bathroom independently
  • Increased confusion caused by advancing dementia
  • Wandering away from home or around the area
  • Require assistance with eating or drinking
  • Feeling overwhelmed having to care for themselves or experiencing extreme loneliness or isolation
  • Reduced mobility or agility due to a chronic condition or stroke
  • Recently discharged from hospital or rehabilitation
  • A previous caregiver becomes unavailable, or needs respite

Most seniors prefer to continue living in their own homes as they get older. For seniors who require round-the-clock assistance, 24-hour Awake Care is the most ideal solution to ensure their daily needs are well taken care of. The service can provide seniors with comfort while they continue to live in a place that they are familiar with.

Benefits of 24-hour Awake Care Services

Two or more caregivers work in rotating shifts to ensure that at least one caregiver is around during the day and night to offer in-home caregiving services. Benefits of these services include:

  • Family members or loved ones are able to focus on spending quality time with their aging loved ones rather than spending time providing physical assistance.
  • Some people prefer the professionalism of hired caregivers over having a family member provide personal cares.
  • With round-the-clock care, clients and their loved ones have peace of mind knowing that there is an attentive and qualified caregiver to supervise the senior and provide the necessary services to handle different daily situations.
  • Seniors who may wander away from the home during times of confusion can be well-monitored by an alert caregiver.

Having caregivers work in rotating shifts allows them to have ample rest to provide optimum care to the clients they serve. The 24-hour Awake Care service can also allow family members to take a much-needed break from caregiving with the assurance that their senior loved one is in the capable hands of qualified 24-hour Awake Care caregivers.

Why Choose Legacy Home Care for 24-hour Awake Care Services?

Legacy Home Care offers compassionate, quality, and reliable 24-hour Awake Care services for seniors. Our team is fully-certified and has undergone thorough background checks to ensure they meet high industry standards. Our staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service to ensure the well-being of our clients are duly met as per expectations. We serve clients across 21 counties in Minnesota with a wide array of in-home care services. Apart from 24-hour Awake Care services, Legacy Home Care also provides physical therapy for seniors, medication management, nurse care management, social work services, and more.

If you have any questions about our 24-hour Awake Care services in Minneapolis and St. Paul, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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