Home Physical Therapy Services

Home Physical Therapy Services

  • Private pay physical therapy services are most commonly used after insurance no longer covers services, yet individuals still find benefit in working with a licensed physical therapist.
  • In-home physical therapy may also help seniors manage symptoms that result from medical conditions such as muscular dystrophy, strokes, heart disease, and others.
  • Seniors may also use physical therapy to maintain strength and balance, which may help them maintain their independence and quality of life.
  • Working with physical therapy in the home can help minimize risk of falling, going to the hospital, and prevent injuries while aging in place.
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How do our Home Physical Therapy Services work?


What is In-Home Therapy?

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  • Our in-home therapy services are designed to provide ongoing support after insurance-based services lapse.
  • In-home physical therapy can help gain and maintain strength, balance, and mobility.
  • Occupational therapists can help modify home environments to promote independence.
  • Speech therapists can help with communication and swallowing.

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What are Home Physical Therapy Services?

The goal of our home-based physical therapy services is to help clients maintain as much independence as possible with a high quality of life while aging in place. Our physical therapy treatments are catered to your specific needs and may include a range of motion exercises and other exercises to help you regain and retain muscle strength.

Home physical therapy may be covered by health insurance if prescribed by doctors after a fall, injury, or planned surgery. These insurance-based physical therapy services are designed to be short-term and are an important step in the rehabilitation process. Once these services are no longer covered by insurance, Legacy Home Care is here to step in and continue to work with you so you can continue progressing and get back to doing the things you love.

Providing physical therapy services in the comfort of your own home allows our licensed therapists to tailor programs to your specific needs and environment. For example, if we see that your home has a set of steps, our therapists will work with you on targeted exercises to make going up and down the steps easier.

Understanding Home Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy for seniors is different from simply going to an exercise facility like the gym. While exercise is an important part of staying fit and healthy, senior physical therapy may be recommended by doctors for a variety of reasons. These could include rehabilitation from planned surgeries, rehabilitation from falls and accidents, and helping clients manage symptoms that could be the result of health conditions such as muscular dystrophy, strokes, or heart disease.

Unlike a generalized exercise program, private-pay physical therapy services with Legacy Home Care are designed to address clients’ specific conditions and concerns. Clients feel safe knowing that they are under the care and supervision of qualified professionals with a trained eye to ensure proper mechanics and ability to spot potential issues before a time of crisis.

Benefits of Home Physical Therapy Services

There are many benefits of hiring in-home physical therapists from Legacy Home Care to provide home physical therapy services for you or your loved one. Some of these include:

  • Convenience: Our physical therapists come to you, making it easier than ever to get the physical therapy care you need.
  • Peace of Mind: Physical therapists with Legacy Home Care are trained to work with seniors with various health conditions. Clients and relatives of clients can maintain peace of mind knowing that seniors are in good hands with our licensed professionals.
  • Efficiency & Accuracy: Legacy Home Care has incorporated advanced technology into our services by using iPads with specialized software for documentation. This software allows our clinical team to be more efficient with electronic charting and lets them focus on what is most important – providing you with the best care possible.
  • Easy Access to Medical Information: Physical therapy services from Legacy Home Care use advanced software that makes medical information available to clients immediately in real time. This allows for seamless communication with care teams to ensure that clients are getting the proper care. Legacy makes it easy for aging individuals and/or their caretakers to access this information, reducing the risk of contraindications.

Duties of a Home Physical Therapist

Legacy Home Care’s physical therapy services may include the following:

  • Evaluating individuals’ physical health status post-surgery/injury
  • Working with clients to develop a physical therapy plan for rehabilitation
  • Providing clients with specific strength and/or mobility exercises to practice on their own
  • Helping clients perform physical therapy exercises to maintain strength and balance

When is the Right Time to Find Home Physical Therapy Services?

Certain circumstances such as planned surgeries for a hip or knee replacement, or an unplanned injury from a fall or accident may be clear indicators that you or your loved one needs to hire a home physical therapist. In many cases, doctors will even prescribe physical therapy as part of the next steps towards rehabilitation. At Legacy Home Care, we can help you know whether or not your specific services will be covered by insurance.

There may be other scenarios, however, where physical therapy is warranted but the cause is not as obvious. Physical therapy can help older individuals manage symptoms from medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, strokes, and many others.

Even seniors who do not have specifically diagnosed conditions, but who feel they would benefit from strength, balance, and mobility support may be candidates for Legacy’s home physical therapy services.

Why Choose Legacy Home Care for Home Physical Therapy Services?

Legacy Home Care offers in-home therapy services including home physical therapy for the aging population in 21 Minnesota counties. Our team of physical therapists can work in any home environment, including private residences, assisted living facilities, and other senior communities. Our therapists are qualified, licensed, and have the necessary experience to help clients properly rehabilitate and improve their quality of life.  They will work with your schedule to provide services at a time of day that works best for your preference and specific needs. In addition to our home physical therapy services, we also provide a multitude of other home care services for aging adults, including occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work services, 24hr medical assistance, live-in caregiving, and many others.

If you have any questions about our Home Physical Therapy Services in Minneapolis and St. Paul, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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