Medication Management Services

Medication Management Overview

  • Medication management involves a registered nurse routinely reviewing medications, setting up for the administration of medications, and monitoring for any adverse effects.
  • Medication management services are included with any nursing services through Legacy Home Care and are necessary in order to have home health aides administer medications.
  • Nurses provide expert care and supervision for taking medication at the right times, doses, and in the proper capacities.
  • Nurses communicate with clients’ care teams and loved ones to alert them to health status updates and changes.
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How do our Medication Management Services work?


What are Medication Management Services?

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  • Medication Management Services are included in all Legacy Home Care packages with nurses and home health aides.
  • Having proper medication management can reduce unnecessary hospitalizations due to improper dosing.
  • Licensed nurses review medications and work with your care team to ensure continuity of care.
  • Medication management services reduce stress on informal caregivers or family members who are assisting with care.

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Understanding Medication Management Services

With medication management services with Legacy Home Care, our nurse will review your medication profile and set-up medications for the upcoming 1-2 weeks. This adds assurance that the medications will be taken at the right times and dosages, whether being self-administered or with the assistance of a loved one or home health aide.

Our nurses can help to answer questions about medication usage, handle order refills, and review all medications to ensure that they are being used appropriately. Additionally, our nurses will communicate with the primary care team about any changes in a client’s condition for quality continuity of care.

Benefits of Medication Management Services?

There are the many benefits of having a licensed nurse perform medication management services for your aging loved one, which include:

  • Peace of Mind: By hiring a medication management nurse, the risk of adverse effects is decreased and any issues or concerns can be detected early.
  • Proper Dosage and Timing: The personal care that clients receive by having their medications managed reduces the risk of possible adverse reactions and missed doses.
  • Order Refills: By staying on top of medications on a regular basis, our nurses will know when it is time to order refills from clients’ pharmacies and will do so accordingly.
  • Active Medication Reviews: Our nurses will also actively review all medications that clients are taking to ensure that clients are taking the most suitable medications for their individual conditions.
  • Communication with Care Team: The nurses involved in our medication management programs will also regularly update doctors on clients’ health status and advise if there have been any changes that may warrant medication modifications.

When is the Right Time to Seek Medication Management Services?

There may be several indicators that it is time to hire a nurse to provide medication management services for you or an aging loved one. If any of the following apply to you or a family member, it may be time to consider medication management services:

  • Forgetting to take medication
  • Refusal to take medication
  • Lack of understanding about medication
  • Missed doses
  • Forgetting to order medication refills
  • Taking medication incorrectly (i.e., with or without food/with other medications)
  • Experiencing adverse drug effects

Medication management services are necessary for comprehensive care plans. They may be useful
to help manage and/or prevent side effects and adverse drug reactions

Why Choose Legacy Home Care for Medication Management Services?

At Legacy Home Care, our aim is to provide clients with exceptional care services from professionals right in the comfort of your home. Our team is made up of licensed individuals who are more than qualified and experienced in senior care. Our registered nurses have the skill, expertise, and compassion you deserve.

In addition to medication management services, Legacy Home Care also offers nurse care management, live-in caregiver services, sunrise/sunset packages, home therapy services, and more.

If you have any questions about our Medication Management services in Minneapolis and St. Paul, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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