Home Speech Therapy Services

Home Speech Therapy Services

  • Speech therapy services are most often used to help individuals regain or maintain communication or swallowing skills after suffering stroke, have Alzheimer’s disease, or have other medical conditions that inhibit their ability to clearly speak or eat effectively.
  • Speech therapists may help clients with vocal exercises, mouth and tongue movements, swallowing, and other practices.
  • Health insurance may cover in-home speech services for a short period of time, but those with a longer road to recovery can get ongoing therapy through Legacy Home Care on a private pay basis.
  • All services are performed directly within clients’ places of residence to provide the utmost care and comfort.
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How do our Home Speech Therapy Services work?


What is In-Home Therapy?

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  • Our in-home therapy services are designed to provide ongoing support after insurance-based services lapse.
  • In-home physical therapy can help gain and maintain strength, balance, and mobility.
  • Occupational therapists can help modify home environments to promote independence.
  • Speech therapists can help with communication and swallowing.

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What are Home Speech Therapy Services?

Speech Therapy for seniors may be necessary to help with issues related to cognitive function, communication, swallowing, and other conditions. Trauma, strokes, and other medical events may result in the inability or reduced ability to speak and form words.

Home speech therapy with Legacy Home Care helps clients regain or maintain those abilities. The goal of working with a speech therapist is to help you or your aging loved one improve the ability to speak, communicate, and/or eat safely. Speech therapy in the home can also address problems related to swallowing.

The speech therapy treatments offered by Legacy Home Care may involve vocal exercises, muscle work, mouth movements, and other practices to promote independence and overall quality of life. We are here to work with you or your loved one for as long as needed, even at times when progress seems slow.

Understanding Home Speech Therapy Services

Speech therapy for seniors involves the process of developing, maintaining, or recovering speech abilities that may have been lost due to traumatic events or speech that has deteriorated over time. Such traumatic events could be falls, strokes, cancer diagnoses, neck tumors, and other conditions. Our licensed and professional speech therapists are qualified to work specifically with the senior population to help them rehabilitate not only their speech but also their ability to swallow and vocalize communication.

Benefits of Home Speech Therapy Services

Communication is at the forefront of everything we do. Without the ability to effectively communicate through speech, people may become dejected, depressed, and develop a negative outlook on life. It is important that no matter what stage in life an individual is in, they feel confident in their ability to speak and communicate. Some of the benefits of home speech therapy from Legacy Home Care include:

  • Improved Communication: Working with a speech therapist for seniors can help aging individuals improve their ability to effectively communicate.
  • Improved Relationships: Clients who receive speech therapy services may see that the relationships with their family members improve due to a stronger ability to speak, communicate, and interact.
  • More Independence: When clients are able to speak more comfortably, they may be able to better handle daily tasks that involve using the telephone and acquiring other home services.
  • Swallowing & Eating: Some clients may find that their ability to swallow is compromised due to a medical condition or traumatic event. Working with a home speech therapist can not only help with vocalization but also necessary mouth motor skills like swallowing.
  • Patience & Support: Our therapists are here to provide ongoing support through the oftentimes lengthy recovery period after a traumatic event.

When is the Right Time to Hire a Home Speech Therapist?

The most common time to consult private-pay speech therapy services is after insurance-covered services have lapsed. Insurance-based speech therapy is often short-term and can be cut if not enough progress is being documented. Our speech therapy services are available to you on an ongoing basis, no matter how much.

There may be clear indicators that it is time to hire a home speech therapist for you or your older loved one. Such signs could be deteriorating speech volume, an inability to project one’s voice, or loss of speech function due to a medical event like a stroke, fall, or accident.

There may be other situations, however, where speech therapy is warranted but the cause is not as apparent. Speech therapy for seniors could be helpful for individuals having trouble with swallowing, forming shapes with their mouths, or cognition difficulties.

Why Choose Legacy Home Care for Home Speech Therapy Services?

Legacy Home Care offers in-home therapy services including home speech therapy for the aging population in 21 Minnesota counties. Our team of licensed speech therapists will work with clients in any home environment, including private residences, assisted living facilities, and other senior communities. Our speech therapists for seniors have the necessary experience to work with older individuals so they can rehabilitate their speech and see an improvement in their quality of life. In addition to speech therapy services, Legacy Home Care also provides a multitude of other home care services for seniors including home physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work services, nurse care management, live-in caregiving, and many others.

If you have any questions about our Home Speech Therapy services in Minneapolis and St. Paul, do not hesitate to contact us today. Thank you for considering us.

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