Home Care in Chisago County

Home care services are to ensure that your senior loved ones can receive professional care in the comfort of their own homes. Here at Legacy Home Care, we provide a wide range of services, including live-in caregivers to take care of all your healthcare needs in Chisago County.

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About Chisago County

Any Chisago native would be loath to have to leave their county, and who could blame them? With gorgeous miles and miles of rolling hills dedicated to agriculture; helmed in and surrounded by the Sunrise River which sparkles on warm summer days. And what summers! Chisago boasts the best summers in Minnesota where one could spend all day outdoors without a cloud in the sky.

Live-In Caregivers in Chisago County

At Legacy Home Care we understand that some individuals crave personal, individualized care in the comfort of their own home by individuals who are as much companions as assistants. For those seeking such, our live-in caregivers may be right for you. We link you up with a live-in care assistant who will be there for you throughout the day and in the event of an emergency, at night.

Nurse Care Management Services in Chisago County

Nurse care management brings the skills and professionalism of nurses in the hospital right to your doorstep. On a once-per-week basis, our service sends a licensed nurse over to conduct health and wellness checks so that you don’t have to keep heading back to the hospital to keep your doctors abreast of your health condition.

Medication Management Services in Chisago County

Having trouble taking medication at the right time or in the right doses? Need top-ups of your medication when your prescriptions are running out? Need assistance administering your medication? Our medication management services send a trained nurse over to set up your medication profile and schedule for the upcoming two weeks, allowing you ease and never being overly stressed about your pill consumption again.

Home Therapy Services in Chisago County

If you want the same high-quality therapy sessions you have in the hospital, except in the comfort of your own home, our in-home therapy services are right for you. Our therapists take the trip over to your home, so you can avoid the dreaded commute. We address problems with speech, mobility, and carrying out acts of daily living.

Home Health Aide Services in Chisago County

For individuals who need some extra assistance in carrying out their acts of daily living or any medical-related issues, our home health aide services include sending a trained aide just to assist you. Regardless of whether you’re at home or in an assisted living community, we take that extra step to provide you the care you deserve.

Social Work Services in Chisago County

With our team of social work service professionals, we link you and your family up with a large collection of resources and agencies in Chisago County to meet your needs. Let us do the legwork to handle the administration of making sure you get the resources you need, so you can focus fully on your health and the things important to you.

Why Work with Legacy Home Care in Chisago County?

We at Legacy Home Care are committed entirely to ensuring that our clients have the full autonomy and independence to dictate the type and quality of care they receive. For more information about our home care services in Chisago County and our full 21 county services area, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Twenty-One County Service Area

Not from Chisago, MN? View Our full 21 county service area!

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