Nurse Care Management

In-Home Nursing Care

Nurse Care Management available throughout 21 MN counties

Legacy Home Care provides skilled nursing care to you wherever you call home – including apartments, private residences, assisted living communities, and other housing options. With our cost-effective Nurse Care Management Package, our private nurses will guide you and your family through the confusing and complicated aspects of healthcare. This in-home nursing care package includes one visit per week by a licensed nurse assigned to you who can:

  • Provide health and wellness checks (e.g., blood pressure monitoring)
  • Work with your pharmacy on any prescription updates
  • Update your primary physician about any health changes/progress
  • Set up medications for easy administration

Our private nurses use iPads with specialized software in order to complete their paperwork. This software allows Registered Nurses and other members of our clinical team to be more efficient and focus on what is most important – providing you with the best in home nursing care possible. Benefits include:

  • Medical information being available in real time.
  • Your medical history being easily accessible.
  • Having your complete medication profile online – and automatic flags for potential drug interaction problems.
  • Safe and secure online access.

With the Nurse Care Management Package, we can develop a personalized in-home nursing care plan and assist with complex treatments – including wound care, medication management, and injections. We can also help you find available resources for transportation, meal delivery and other needed services.

Call Legacy Home Care at 763-452-1049 when you need to hire a private nurse or submit this form to have one of our representatives contact you.

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