Home Care in Blue Earth

The main purpose of home care services is to assist seniors to maintain independence and dignity while aging. Here at Legacy Home Care, we understand that our roots and shared past ties us to our home, and we know how hard it is to give that up. Well, what if we told you that you don’t have to? Rather than travel out of town in search of quality health care, Legacy Home Care will provide you with home care services and live-in caregivers in Blue Earth.

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About Blue Earth

Like any good home, Blue Earth is a town with history. From the Jolly Green Giant statue that draws in tourists in the tens of thousands every year, to its beautiful midwestern architecture, to one of the oldest post offices in the United States of America.

Live-In Caregivers in Blue Earth

Live-in care was designed specifically for individuals who want personalized care by a medical professional who is as much a companion as an assistant. They also act as a liaise with the hospital in the event of adverse side-effects caused by the consumption of medication. Not only that but they can also act as your one-stop point for any queries you or your loved ones may have about the medication or treatment you are undergoing. We link you up with a live-in care assistant who will be there for you throughout the day and in the event of an emergency, at night.

Nurse Care Management Services in Blue Earth

Nurse care management was built around making those necessary weekly check-ups a breeze, rather than a pain to plan. On a once per week basis, we send over skilled nurses to conduct your regular tests for you. Say goodbye to queues at the hospital, finding parking spots in town, or rushing from the hospital to your next appointment.

Medication Management Services in Blue Earth

If you’ve ever wondered whether having a trained nurse to help you plan out your consumption of medication was a great idea, medication management service is for you! Our nurses make sure you’re taking the right amounts of medication on time and double-check whether certain medications can be taken together. We send trained nurses over to your home to set up your medication profile and schedule on a biweekly basis so you can take your medication worry-free.

Sunrise/Sunset Packages in Blue Earth

Our sunrise/sunset package was designed specifically for individuals with dementia who don’t need intensive care or surveillance but could use extra assistance with acts of daily living and chores at the start and end of the day. Our health aides are trained specifically to interact with individuals with dementia with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Home Therapy Services in Blue Earth

Our in-home therapy services were built around providing you high-quality, professional therapy services at your home so that you can prioritize your health and recovery rather than worry about how you’re going to make it to your appointments on time. We address problems with speech, mobility, and carrying out acts of daily living.

Home Health Aide Services in Blue Earth

Having trouble settling medical-related issues at home? Whether you need a little extra help in the short term, or you need regular assistance for specific tasks, our home health aide services have got your back. We offer a vast array of home therapy options just for you so that you can continue to live autonomously and safely in your own home.

Social Work Services in Blue Earth

With our team of social work service professionals, we link you and your family up with a large collection of resources and agencies in Blue Earth to meet your needs. Let us establish a proper and comprehensive care plan that considers the support that you need tactfully and respectfully.

Why Work with Legacy Home Care in Blue Earth?

We at Legacy Home Care strongly believe in the need for communication to help smooth over any difficulties you may encounter in utilizing our services. We pride ourselves on our excellent response times, so you never need to spend undue hours worrying over unresolved issues. For more information about our home care services in Blue Earth and our full 21 county services area, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Twenty-One County Service Area

Not from Blue Earth, MN? View Our full 21 county service area!

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