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Home Care in Owatonna

We offer home care assistance near Owatonna, MN. These services allow people to remain safely and comfortably in their homes. Some home care services in Owatonna are health-related, while others are considered supportive (e.g., help with meals or housework.)

Nurses Providing Home Care in Owatonna

Our registered nurses (RNs) are available to provide health and wellness checks, set up your medications, and talk with your primary physician about any health issues. Find out more about the benefits of in home nurse care management.

Other Members of our Team Providing Home Care in Owatonna

Home Care assistance near Owatonna involves a number of other disciplines, including home therapy services, social work, home health aides, homemakers and companions. These trained professionals are ready to help those needing care home care in Owatonna, Minnesota.

Home Care Assistance in Owatonna – Top 3 Options

We offer a variety of home care services in Owatonna. Three of the most popular options include:

  1. Live In – Having a caregiver in your home 24 hours a day for support and assistance
  2. Overnight – Having a caregiver with you in case of emergency during the night
  3. Hourly – Having a nurse or caregiver with you for scheduled shifts

For more information about Owatonna Home Care services or to schedule a FREE EVALUATION, call 763.593.1000.

About The Owatonna Community

Owatonna is home to over 25,000 residents and located in Steele County, just south of the Twin Cities Metro Area along Interstate 35. Many of our clients have lived in the Owatonna community in Steele County for years and appreciate the area parks and downtown arts scene. They have enjoyed hiking the Mineral Springs Park, exploring Kaplan’s Woods Parkway, visiting the Reptile & Amphibian Discovery Zoo, and spending time at the Owatonna Arts Center.

Allow Legacy Home Care to help you stay in the Owatonna neighborhood you love. Choose the home care services you need and the frequency that's right for you. We offer nursing care in Owatonna, physical therapy, Owatonna live in care, and more.

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