Sunrise/Sunset Package

Sunrise/Sunset Package

Sunrise/Sunset Package Overview

  • Sunrise/Sunset services provide clients with care for up to three hours each morning and evening, for a total of six hours.
  • Each morning, qualified caregivers help clients start their day and can assist with tasks like getting dressed, preparing meals and medication, to ensure that they are in a safe environment.
  • Each evening, in-home caregivers help clients with their bedtime routine and other assigned duties that provide comfort and care.
  • This package is ideal for clients who are mostly independent but would benefit from additional care for several hours per day.
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How do our Sunrise/Sunset Services work?


What are Sunrise/Sunset Services?

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  • Sunrise/Sunset services include two 3-hour shifts each day to help with morning and evening routines.
  • These services are ideal for individuals who need additional support getting ready for and ending the day.
  • Care and coverage are flexible to cater to the individual’s changing needs.
  • Sunrise/Sunset services are provided by experienced home health aides and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs).

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What is the Sunrise/ Sunset Package?

Senior care can take many forms. While some older people require round-the-clock care, others benefit from a little extra help in the mornings and evenings. For these scenarios, Legacy Home Care’s Sunrise/Sunset Package may be just what they need.

For up to three hours every morning and evening, a home health aide from Legacy will visit you or your loved one to provide assistance with a variety of routine tasks. Aides come to wherever clients’ call home, whether that is a single-family residence, a condominium complex, an assistance living facility, or elsewhere. The duties are customized to meet individual needs, and often include:

  • Helping clients get dressed for the day
  • Meal preparation
  • Helping clients prepare for bed
  • Supervising medication
  • Assistance with laundry and light housework
  • Ensuring that clients are in safe environments for the remainder of the day/next day

Understanding Our Sunrise/Sunset Package

The Sunrise/Sunset Package is designed to help clients manage the challenges that come along with getting ready for the day and/or winding down for the evening. Both mornings and evenings can be some of the most difficult parts of a senior’s day for a variety of reasons. Legacy’s Sunrise/Sunset Package helps make these times of day easier and less stressful, while ensuring dignity and autonomy for each client.

Benefits of the Sunrise/Sunset Package

There are many benefits of having a home health aide work with aging seniors in the mornings and evenings. Some of the benefits of morning and evening care for seniors include:

  • Professional Assistance: Mornings and evenings can get hectic, and having an extra set of hands to help out can ease stress for clients and their families alike.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that clients are receiving the care they need for even just a few hours each day can make all the difference in providing peace of mind.
  • Help with Daily Tasks: Our caregivers are available to help out with meal prep, laundry, and more, so you and your loved ones can spend more quality time together.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Trained to note any declines in health or wellbeing and report to their supervising nurse, our compassionate caregivers help catch issues or concerns early.

When Should You Get the Sunrise/Sunset Package?

This package is commonly utilized by aging adults who are primarily independent, but can benefit with help during morning and evening routines. We also have many families that provide informal care to their loved ones, but use our Sunrise/Sunset package to supplement the care they are already providing.

Why Choose Legacy Home Care for Home Health Aide Services?

At Legacy Home Care, our goal is to provide dedicated home care services for our clients. We want clients to retain as much independence as possible while staying safe in their home. In addition to the Sunrise/Sunset Package, we also offer additional home care services including nurse care management, live-in caregiver services, home therapy, and more.

If you have any questions about our Sunrise/Sunset Packages in Minneapolis and St. Paul, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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