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Home Care FAQ's

Frequently asked questions and answers about private home care

Q: What is private home care?

A: There are a variety of private home care services available to those who wish to stay in their home but would benefit from additional help. For more information about private home care services and who benefits from them, visit the What is Private Home Care? page.

Q: How does a client get Legacy Home Care services started?

A: Every client has unique needs that require different services. We start with a care consultation to help determine the client’s needs, discuss costs, and help create a schedule. We also look for any skilled services that could potentially be covered by Medicare or another insurance.

Q: How quickly can services start?

A: We guarantee service within 24 hours assuming we can meet the client’s needs. We can provide same day starts of care if the need is more urgent and staff is available. Either way, we would have a liaison provide a consultation within 2 hours to determine if we can accept the referral. We cannot staff if we do not know the client’s specific needs.

Q: Does Legacy Home Care provide services for seniors in nursing homes or assisted living communities?

A: Yes. We can provide private home care services wherever you call home. If the service is in a skilled nursing facility or transitional care unit, we need permission from the facility to provide personal care services (bathing, transferring, toileting, etc.), otherwise we will provide one-on-one companion services. We can provide personal care services in an assisted living apartment without the building’s permission because it is considered the client’s residence.

Q: Can Legacy Home Care transport clients?

A: Yes. We can transport clients in their vehicles or allow our caregivers to use their own vehicle to transport clients. We keep a copy of the caregiver’s driver’s license and auto insurance on file. If the caregiver is using their personal vehicle the client will be charged $1.00 per mile so we can reimburse the caregiver for gas.

Q: What happens if a caregiver calls in sick?

A: At Legacy Home Care, staffing is guaranteed. If a caregiver calls in sick another qualified caregiver is scheduled to work. The client always has the right to refuse the replacement and wait for the regular caregiver to come back to work.

Q: What happens if a caregiver does not show up for a shift?

A: As soon as we find out a caregiver has not shown up for a shift, our staffing coordinators start working to find a qualified replacement immediately. We will stay in communication with the client and family to ensure the shifts are covered as soon as possible.

Q: Is the home care agency licensed by the State?

A: Yes. Legacy Home Care is a Comprehensive Home Care Agency, as granted by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Q: What is Legacy’s service area?

A: We offer our services in 18 MN Counties, including the Greater Twin Cities Metro Area and Southern Minnesota.

Q: Are the caregivers bonded and insured?

A: Yes. All our caregivers are bonded and insured.

Q: How qualified are the caregivers and what training do they receive?

A: We employ caregivers who have completed training to be certified as Home Health Aides (HHA) or CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) to provide your personal care services. Additionally, we offer a number of specialty training opportunities, most recently on topics of working with those with Alzheimer's and other dementias, those receiving hospice care, as well as serving LGBT seniors.

Q: Does your private home care agency provide ongoing supervision of caregivers? How often?

A: Yes. A registered nurse is required to supervise and assess the performance of the caregiver(s) regularly. The frequency of RN supervisory visits varies by client, but is typically 14 days after the initial assessment, and then every 14 - 30 days (more frequently if there are delegated tasks).

Q: Will the same caregiver be scheduled on a regular basis?

A: We try to provide continuity of care by having the same caregiver(s) scheduled each week. We work closely with them to keep their schedule as consistent as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the client will always have the same staff. This is because the client’s needs may change, a caregiver's schedule may change, or other circumstances may arise that will require having a new caregiver provide services.

Q: How does Legacy Home Care handle client emergencies?

A: For medical emergencies, 911 is always the best choice. For urgent issues, we are available during business hours and "on call" after hours. We'll answer questions, handle staffing emergencies, and do our best to address immediate needs.

Q: How does a caregiver know what to do for a client?

A: A detailed plan of care is prepared by one of our registered nurses for each of our clients. This plan of care is reviewed with the caregiver so they have specific instructions on the tasks and duties they need to complete. A copy is also available in the home.

Q: How are caregivers selected for a given client?

A: Many factors are considered when selecting a caregiver to provide private home care services to our clients. A client's location is certainly a key factor. Home caregivers are also selected based on a client's background, interests, personality, environment, and preferences, to ensure that it's a good fit for the client and caregiver (e.g., pets, smoker in household).

Q: What if a client or family requests to meet the caregiver before starting private home care services?

A: Unfortunately, it is not feasible to meet caregivers prior to starting service. Our team of caregivers are focused on providing fantastic private home care to the clients we serve. Our care consultations play an important role in determining your specific needs and preferences to find which of our caregivers would be the best fit to provide services.

Q: What happens if a client is not satisfied with the caregiver selected?

A: Legacy Home Care guarantees your satisfaction with our caregivers. We are happy to discuss any concerns and, as appropriate, replace caregivers who aren’t a good fit from your schedule with another quality caregiver.

Q: How does a client pay for extended hour home care? Is this type of care covered by insurance?

A: Long Term Care insurance may be an option, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has programs which may pay for some private home care services. However, most extended hour services are paid for out of pocket. A check or credit card is most frequently used to pay for these services.

Q: What is the billing process?

A: We offer flexibility in terms of payment options, including weekly, bi-weekly or monthly billing. We do require a security deposit that will be applied to the last invoice or refunded at termination of services.

Q: Does your private home care agency have a list of references?

A: We have testimonials of current/past clients and families, and references upon request.