9 Quick Facts of Caregiving [Infographic]

Being an caregiver for a parent or a spouse can be exhausting and time consuming, not to mention costly. If you are currently caring for a loved one, know that you are not alone. While the facts speak for themselves, it’s important to understand your options. Private pay clinicians and aides like those at Legacy Home Care are available to help you and your loved ones for a quick reprieve, or an on-going basis. Sometimes it’s the simple peace-of-mind knowing that someone is there to provide support to you and loving care to your family.

32.4 Million Unpaid Caregivers

While we wish we didn’t have to consider the financial impact of informal caregiving, it’s a reality. 32.4 million of us have served as a caregiver to someone they love in the last 12 months, without any financial compensation.

No Choice Left

49% of caregivers said they did not have a choice in taking care of their parent or spouse.

Affected Careers

Six out of ten adults who are caring for a loved one said their career has been affected. 49% arrive late/leave early, 14% take leaves of absence, 6% quit their job entirely, and 4% retire early.

Unneeded Stress

Caring for a loved one is stressful upon balancing a career and providing for your family. 38% of people report high levels of emotional stress, 19% report high levels of physical strain, and 17% report high levels of financial strain. However this can all be avoided by allowing Legacy Home Care to help you out and give undivided attention and care to your loved one.

Health Concerns

1 out of 5 caregivers report their own health has gotten worse as a result of caring for a loved one and not accepting the help of a professional care giver.

34% of People Accept Help

Only 34% of people caring for their loved one accept help from an outside source such as housekeepers and aides.

Assisting with Medical Needs

Six out of ten caregivers assist their loved ones with nursing or medical needs. Nearly half have zero prior experience or training.

24 Hours of Caregiving a Week

The average unpaid caregiver spends a little over 24 hours a week providing care to their loved one.

80% Would Like More Information on Professional Services

More than 80% of people want more information on caregiving services but do not know where to start.

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